Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Innovation at
Saint Paul University. She holds a PhD in Sociology, with a Specialization in
Political Economy. Her areas of research include the food movement and
carceral food systems, collective organizing, and questions
related to prefiguration and enacting a politics of possibility. Outside of academia,
she has worked with several non-governmental organizations in the areas of policy
analysis, research, network coordination and popular education, and is a long-time
community organizer and activist in Ottawa.
Julie Courchesne

Julie is a Master’s student in the School of Social Innovation at Saint Paul University
and a graduate of Political Science at UQÀM. She is especially interested in agriculture,
food systems, social movements and relationships of power. Since 2014, she has been
involved with different organizations from civil society in collective gardens, farmers’
markets, and with an urban beekeeping collective. She is currently a food systems
researcher, studying carceral food systems, participatory food governance as well
as urban agriculture in civil society organizations.
Ghassan Zahran

Ghassan recently completed his Master’s in the School of Social Innovation at Saint Paul
University. Having spent approximately two years in various federal prisons in Kingston, he has extensive experience in prison food preparation. He worked in the kitchen when
preparing food for the general populace. Additionally, he served as a grocery shopper for
prisoners housed in units that allowed them to prepare their own meals. Ghassan also
organized the Islamic Awareness Month activities at the Frontenac Institution, which
ended with him organizing a special dinner for 200 prisoners.